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Please reach us at  or call 949-954-4099 if you cannot find an answer to your question.


How many children can be in the Bounce House at one time?

You should attempt to limit the amount of jumpers  to around 6 or 7 kids. Of course if there are older kids and adults we ask you to be mindful of the specific weight limits of the particular item you are renting. 

Will I be required to supply the electricity?

Yes, it is the customers responsibility to ensure we have adequate power to inflate our inflatables. We do rent Gas Generators if the desired location does not offer a power source.

Where do you deliver to?

While we focus on all of Orange County please let us know where you would need delivery to and we consider extending our coverage.

Do you deliver and set up the Bounce House?

Yes, in order to make sure it is properly set-up and you are advised on safe operation Inside Out staff will  be required.

What type of surface can the Bounce House be put on?

A grass area is preferable, but the Bounce Houses can be put on cement and dirt. Please request a tarp when setting up on concrete or dirt. These will be provided at no additional charge.

Can I have a party at a park?

Yes, however it is your responsibility to obtain permission and or permits from the park. This often takes 7-30 days for them to approve. You will also need to rent our generator. 

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